Sunday, September 28, 2008

I thought I was done with third wave last week...darn thing isn't done with me. It occurs to me that there are probably dozens of lessons to be learned from that "backwards" agricultural age. There is aconcept as basic as gravity. As well known and commonly accepted...yet somehow we have lost the meaning of it in application. It is the law of the harvest. As the spiritual sings, you are going to reap what you sew.

This is the law of natural consequences. When you sew wheat, you harvest wheat...countless generations relied on this basic unquestionable law. Then along came toffler's second wave. We moved away from farms and their natural laws which technology seemed to overide. Technology and medicine sometimes strive to remove or mask consequences. Yet we haven't escaped the law of the harvest. Overeating, credit card debt, immorality and laziness all betray a generation that does not understand the law of the harvest. Every action we take has a consequence. Technology can delay that consequence or shuffle it around, but it cannot remove it. We are reaping a whirlwind of consequences. A majority of children don't live with their biological father and mother. Many people spend more than they earn. People eat more than their bodies need...including things that are known to be harmful. People spend their money on get rich quick schemes, ponzis flourish, lotteries expand and few profit.

Our ancestors would be perplexed if they could watch us continue in unhealthy patterns. How rediculous it would seem to them that with so much variety of food available to us, we still manage to be malnourished. Why, they would wonder, do we buy what we don't need and can't afford? Why should we ignore our spiritual feelings, but jump and run at the slightest physical attraction?

Perhaps the question we should ask is how can we use technology without loosing sight of natural laws?

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Tamster said...

I suppose it is a matter of balance, discipline, using technology in the right ways. Easier said than done maybe, but I think that's the answer anyway. I believe everything we have here on earth God put here for a good purpose. Unfortunately, however, they are not always used for the proper purposes. Even technology is a blessing from God. The Gospel is spread throughout the world thanks to technology. Computers can be a time-saver, which COULD allow more time for the important things of life, if we would choose to use our time wisely. On that note, it's time for me to get off the computer... ;-)

FYI, you need to change your ABOUT ME in your sidebar to say "eight" rather than "seven" children. :-)