Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am susan

My darling little three year olds were walking down the hallway wrapped in their towels. They had that fresh smell and clean faces. They also had somehow snuck a dolly in the bath and each of them had dipped their towels back in the water.

I checked on my husband's progress in the flood control and then came out to dress the girls. I heard the following argument. "You are soaking wet!" said Kalani. "No I'm not, I'm SUSAN!"

This same interchange continued probably a dozen or so times before I could pull Susan away and encourage Kalani to not belabor the point.

Although I've heard similar arguments in the past with other children, for some reason this time it struck me. We frequently forget who we really are and instead identify ourselves by our current circumstances. Are we a student, Stay at home mom, teacher, accountant, musician? Are we fat, poor, messy, well dressed or depressed?

Are we identifying ourselves or those around us by something temporary, or lasting? Are we seeing what people wear or who they are?

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Tamster said...

Deep thoughts... by Britt! Very good point. Cute story, too! :-)