Friday, December 1, 2006

The Lord of the Rings

I normally try to write something after reading a book. It is generally a reflection of the thoughts I had while reading. For a few days after reading The Lord of the Rings I struggled with what I would write. There was almost too much in the book to pick one subject or theme. The more time I thought about it the more i kept coming back to one character...Samwise. What an amazing hobbit! What a devoted friend. His choice to stay with his master, even after experiencing increasing danger, is a selfless one. He must have bit his tongue constantly while Frodo learned or spoke when overtaken by the rings power. When others lost control, he let it role right off of his back. He was focused on the mission, even when he could have easily gotten distracted, which is how he snuck away with Frodo at the falls of Beruna. His dedication to resuce Frodo when he was captured is overwelming. All this without much thanks or least not verbal. Sam was definitely an actor, not a reactor.

I make come bak to this and think of one hundred things to add...but for now this is it...Tolkein writes for 1000 plus pages and I see one good friend.

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