Friday, December 1, 2006

Number the Stars

I am always amazed with positive stories connected to World War II. I found The Hiding Place astounding, I enjoyed the Diary of Anne Frank, and Viktor Frankyl. Now Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is understated. It is about youth and courage. I have never heard about Denmarks role during the war. I had never heard that although Denmark surrendered, they destoryed their own Navy, so the third Reich could not use it. They also quietly smuggled most of their 7000 jew out of the country to Sweden! The virtue of that country to do what is right, protecting the Jewish people before it was even concentration camps were known and understood. It astounds me that a majority of the citizenship was willing to help or atleast remain quiet. Jewish people were their neighbors, friends and countrymen first, and not discriminated against becuase of their religion. If we could some how bottle this up and spread it around...what wonders there would be in the world! How did this country become that way? What would happen in America if we could see each other as friends and neighbors and Americans first...and whatever -ite or -ism you are or choose is secondary!

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